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Fredk C. Bieberbach, Jr., SAMS® AMS®

Marine Surveyor ~ Marine Consultant
Riverside, Rhode Island, USA
Phone: 401 301-1733

What is a Marine Survey?

A Marine Survey is an independent evaluation of a watercraft's value and condition by a professional marine surveyor. As part of a marine survey; a watercraft’s condition, boat value estimation and at times - damage assessment investigations are performed. These are just a few of the many services that fall under the broad definition of a marine survey. In its simplest terms, a marine survey can be described as any fact-finding endeavor having to do with boats.

Prior to the purchase of any watercraft, a careful inspection should precede the final purchase to authenticate the condition of the vessel. When a boat owner is required to have insurance; a boat’s fair market value is normally requested to determine the boats realistic value, reflecting the conditions found. When a boat or its cargo is damaged, a marine surveyor evaluates the extent of the loss and its cause. A complete marine survey consists of: (1) Accurate and detailed description of a vessel; (2) Fair Market Valuation of a vessel; (3) List of deficiencies and recommendations for repair.

In essence, a marine surveyor is a trained professional who acts as your eyes and ears in any assessment or investigation situation -- someone who makes sure accurate information is gathered correctly and impartially. Bravo Marine Associates endeavors to meet or exceed these expectations.

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