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Fredk C. Bieberbach, Jr., SAMS® AMS®

Marine Surveyor ~ Marine Consultant
Riverside, Rhode Island, USA
Phone: 401 301-1733

Services We Provide:

Condition & Valuation Surveys: on pleasure craft are provided solely for our clients. These types of surveys are provided to the client (only) and can be used for many different reasons (A few examples are noted below which were provided based on past survey requests)

Pre-Purchase Surveys are essentially "condition and valuation surveys" but additional time may be necessary to detail items that may be important in the decision to purchase as vessel. Most lending institutions and insurance companies require a condition and valuation survey. As a simple example and schedule: A purchase survey of a 25 to 30 foot boat may take approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete an inspection at the boat and several additional hours to prepare a report. Larger boats or boats with systems in abundance, will take more time, as opposed to smaller and simpler boats that will take less. It is recommended that the vessel be inspected both in and out of the water. The vessel is normally observed in performance areas such as handling, steering, acceleration, engine idling, gears & gear case shifting, engine cooling under load, and a general overall drive-train performance. A pre-purchase survey is normally performed before a price has been negotiated for the vessel, as a pre-purchase survey is often a useful tool to determine if the vessel meets the value of the clients purchase expectations. A pre-purchase survey will also include a Summary of Requirements and Recommendations section, where any deficiencies of the surveyed vessel will be reported.

Insurance Surveys are provided for people who need insurance on any type of watercraft. An "Insurance Survey" details the entire vessel it is essentially a "Condition and Valuations Survey" that focuses on safety and potential risks. A great emphasis is placed on safety during any survey done for insurance. The safety of the vessel occupants is of the most consideration when insuring any vessel. The second most important consideration is the physical and mechanical condition of the vessel. A "Fair Market Value" price of the vessel is always obtained in an "Insurance Survey".

Condition & Valuation Surveys for Loss is also undertaken on behalf of clients and/or their insurance companies and financial institutions. These surveys are performed to determine the loss or damage with the ultimate goal of providing an assessment on cost, time schedules needed to repair and the proper repair or replacement if necessary. The vessel damaged is insured and adjustment of the amount of repairs in needed. We examine the cause of the damage, recommend necessary repairs, oversee the repair process, estimate the dollar cost of repairs, recommend certified marine repair facilities and recommend steps to take for the prevention of future repairs. Inspections of repair work are conducted during the process to attest to the level of integrity and cosmetic quality of shipyard and/or sub-contractor repair work.

New Construction Supervision and Consultancy provided by Bravo Marine Associates, regularly supervises new constructions, conversions and/or repairs of all types of yachts. Appointments include management of refits, rebuilds, renovation and repair on all types of motor and sailing vessels resulting from fire or major damage from other causes as well as conversions of existing vessels. A list of maintenance recommendations is compiled in order to prioritize maintenance items. This is often conducted prior to the vessel's scheduled delivery or shipyard service. Inspections of repair work are conducted to attest to the level of integrity and cosmetic quality of shipyard and/or sub-contractor repair work.

Safety and Equipment Evaluations are where Bravo Marine Associates specializes in risk management, safety and security surveys on all types of vessels. Our Associates are well qualified and experienced to advice on all aspects of fire safety, security, including fire precautions, offshore considerations, bilge pumping and alarm systems and the equipment that is used aboard the vessel. Considerations are taken for location and efficiency. As with new construction or a boatyard re-fit, a list of maintenance recommendations is compiled in order to prioritize items that should be addressed prior to getting underway on an offshore, coastal or just sailing out on the bay. This type of survey provides for the client an important service that transfers to peace-of-mind and the comfort that their vessel has been reviewed with an objective as well as subjective eye.

Final Note on Services: All boats are inspected or monitored to reference the standards and guidelines set by the USCG (United States Coast Guard), ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) that provide the recognized standards for pleasure and commercial vessels. Bravo Marine Associates are recognized by all major finance institutions and insurance agencies. We maintain ongoing educational programs and additional data to ensure that you are provided with the most up-to-date information possible. We work in your best interest.

Fee Structure: Our rates are reasonable, our range of services extensive. Going the extra "nautical mile" to achieve client satisfaction is our normal mode of operation. For pre-purchase surveys of smaller vessels (less than 25-feet), fees are usually charged by the foot unless there are unusual conditions or circumstances that would affect the normal process. All other vessels are provided at an hourly rate and affected by the condition of the vessel, location, extent of the equipment aboard, the necessary time to accumulate information and providing a survey report document. The process for the normal survey is a detailed inspection and a report provided within (5) business days of the inspection. For other activities and larger or unique vessels, an hourly rate covering the length of time necessary to complete the job and write the report applies. Travel expenses, charges are for "actual and reasonable expenses only". We invite you to contact or call for a budgetary estimate or a more detailed description of the services provided.

Please contact us to discuss all the options that are available to you. We specialize in providing you with a personal representative to support your interest in a very important part of your world... your boat.

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