Bravo Marine Associates,  Fredk C. Bieberbach, Jr., SAMSĀ® AMSĀ®, Marine Surveyor & Consultant, Riverside, Rhode Island, USA BRAVO MARINE ASSOCIATES
Fredk C. Bieberbach, Jr., SAMS® AMS®

Marine Surveyor ~ Marine Consultant
Riverside, Rhode Island, USA
Phone: 401 301-1733


The principal surveyor at Bravo Marine Associates is Fredk C. Bieberbach, Jr.; with over 40 Years working experience in the Marine Industry. He is a U.S. Navy veteran with the unique experience of having served aboard small vessels of the U.S. Navy and below them as a diver. Included in those many years of boating involvement was experience applied to providing yacht services and resources world-wide to hundreds of clients. Included within this period of time were more than 20 years of experience of providing condition reports on recreational vessels of all sizes, providing estimates for the conditions found and the documentation to support the preferred methods of action.

More than fifteen years consisted of hands-on, involvement in the refitting of large sailing and motor yachts. He has directed or participated in many marine vessel projects as well in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Singapore, Taiwan, the Northwest Coast and all along the East Coast of the U.S. It is along the East Coast that he has spent the lion-share of his time away from boats by Ocean racing on large yachts, or sailing in one-design class, on very small boats. He has a profound knowledge of yachts, small vessel construction, repair, specifications and maintenance.

Fredk C. Bieberbach, Jr. has been inspecting sailing and power vessels since 1974. More recently, he has affiliated with the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® to provide him with an active interaction with others in the marine surveying field, and to constantly update his knowledge and skills.

As a past and present member of American Boat & Yacht Counsel® he has always worked and encouraged his associates/colleagues to set their standards to employ the guidelines of ABYC to reach a safe and quality result.

He is a Past Commodore of an active New England yacht club and as long-standing member of a large municipal Harbor Management Commission. He is always active in marine activities around Narragansett Bay, to keep in close contact with both the marine industry, public relations and always with the recreational boater's best interests in mind.

With a network of over 500 surveyors and other marine professionals involved in sailing, power boating, deliveries and chartering, Bravo Marine Associates has the unique ability to seek information on matters which may unique, new to us, or to confirm our judgment with other marine professionals when we may not be entirely sure. We also hope to learn something new from each one of our clients.

Bravo Marine Associates specializes in providing you with a personal representative to support your interest in a very important part of your world... your boat.

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